ETD - Explosives Trace Detectors

With today’s heightened threat of terrorism, security professionals at nuclear power plants, embassies, high-risk facilities, transportation and government agencies are seeking explosives trace detection, which can also be used to detect narcotics, as part of a sound security strategy to help protect the public and vital infrastructure from threats.

To meet these challenges, Rapiscan (formerly Morpho Detection) has developed cost-effective sophisticated mobile technology tools for fast trace detection, performed directly in the field or at the relevant facility.

On top of trace detectors, we offer a range of complementary products including sampling wands and validation and sensitivity traps.


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The Hyper-Wand is a new advanced sampling hand wand for Morpho Itemiser ®.
Main features:


  •  High collecting efficiency
  •  Simple and easy to use
  •  High reliability and stability
  •  Enhanced trap protection
  •  Fast switch between sampling and analyzing modes
  •  Fully compatible with Itemiser ® configuration
  •  Fully compatible with Itemiser ® sample traps
  •  Built in numerator for better control of samples count per trap