RF Microwave Parts & Subassemblies

Filters are one of the fundamental building blocks of RF and microwave systems, along with amplifiers, oscillators, mixers, and switches.

Specializing in high-performance solutions we offer RF, microwave filters in the area of emerging applications for both military and commercial markets.


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RF Filters types

  • Ceramic filters
  • Mono-block filters
  • Cavity filters up to 40GHz
  • Helical filters
  • Crystal filters
  • SAW filters 
  • WG filters
  • LC filters

RF Low, Band, High pass filters

Up to 40GHz filter components and band pass filters, low pass filters and high pass filters used in broadband RF & Microwave and communication systems.


  • Full Band : 0.5 to 26.5GHz.
  • Operating Temp. : -55 to +85 ºC.
  • Storage Temp. : -65 to +105 ºC

RF Systems & Subsystems Custom Design

  • Composed of Combiner, Duplexer, BPF, Coupler, LNA and more.
  • Additional Channel Combiners mountable.
  • Applicable to LTE, GSM, W-CDMA, CDMA, WiMax, WiBro Cellular, PCS, UMTS, and more.
  • Supportive alarm and control function.
  • Resides in a 19¡± rack unit for in-building applications.
  • Offers custom made solutions as well as standard products.