Coaxial RF Protection

RF coaxial lightning surge protectors (lightning arrestors/suppressors) product line consists of passive microwave components that protect against high electromagnetic pulses (EMP) or extreme power surges, typically caused by lightning strikes.

RF coaxial lightning surge protectors from Polyphaser are commonly used on antenna installations to protect sensitive equipment and are specially designed to pass the desired frequency while suppressing lightning surges.

These radio frequency coaxial lightning surge protection products have hybrid & replaceable gas discharge capsule and a ground lug terminal to provide superior grounding.


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DC Block

Patented SX radio frequency dc blocked filter protectors are ideal for RF coaxial applications where dc is not required , RF operating between 0.05 to 10GHz .    

Bias-T and  Ultra-Low PIM.  


DC Pass

Hybrid, multistage, multi-strike, fast response, high current capacity, Vdc pass coaxial lightning protector configured with all types of female connectors for RF operating between 0 to 7 GHz.