Lightning Protection


DC Block

Patented SX radio frequency dc blocked filter protectors are ideal for RF coaxial applications where dc is not required , RF operating between 0.05 to 10GHz .    

Bias-T and  Ultra-Low PIM.  


Communication Digital Data

Modular high speed digital data / DC line protectors designed for RS232, RS422, RS485, T1/E1, and Telco Trunk Line applications.


DC Line

DC voltages include 12, 24, 48, 56, and 72 volts that meet the needs of Audio, GPS and Wi-Fi applications.


DC Pass

Hybrid, multistage, multi-strike, fast response, high current capacity, Vdc pass coaxial lightning protector configured with all types of female connectors for RF operating between 0 to 7 GHz.


Grounding and Bonding

Full range of accessories required to complete your grounding installation including shield grounding kits, copper cleaning kits, clamps, copper straps and more.