LiDAR 3D Sensors

3D Sensors capturing a 3D world in real-time.

Originally developed for use in the DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) autonomous vehicle competitions, Velodyne LiDAR now provides a full line of sensors capable of delivering the most accurate real time 3D data on the market.

The real-time LiDAR sensor technology is being used in a variety of commercial applications including autonomous vehicles, vehicle safety systems, 3D mobile mapping, 3D aerial mapping and security.

Veoldyne’s product line of high quality Lidar sensors includes the Ultra Puck (VLP-32C), PUCK Hi-Res, PUCK LITE™, PUCK™ (VLP-16), the HDL-32E and  HDL-64E.


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Ultra Puck (VLP-32C)

ULTRA Puck™ VLP-32C is the newest long-range LiDAR sensor in Velodyne’s product portfolio that combines best-in-class performance with a small form factor. A high-resolution LiDAR sensor that is cost- effective when compared to similar performance sensors but developed with automotive applications in mind to ensure reliability while delivering the performance demanded by the market. The VLP-32C retains the innovative breakthroughs in 3D LiDAR such as 360° surround view along with real-time 3D data that includes distance and calibrated reflectivity measurements along with rotational angles.


  • 32 Channels
  • Dual Returns
  • Up to 200m Range
  • ~600,000 Points per Second
  • +15° to -25° Vertical FOV
  • 360° Horizontal FOV
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Protective Design
  • Connectors: RJ45 / M12

Puck LITE™

Velodyne LiDAR’s Puck LITE™ is a lighter weight version of the VLP-16 PUCK for applications that demand a lower weight to meet their requirements. The Puck LITE™ has identical performance to VLP-16 with the only difference in weight of 590 g vs. 830 g for the latter. No other changes have been made to Puck LITE™ as it retains its patented 360° surround view to capture real-time 3D LiDAR data that includes distance and calibrated reflectivity measurements.

Key Features:

  • 590 grams
  • Dual Returns
  • 16 Channels
  • 100m Range
  • 300,000 Points per Second
  • 360° Horizontal FOV
  • ±15° Vertical FOV
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Protective Design
  • Connectors: RJ45 / M12




Velodyne’s PUCK™ (VLP-16) sensor is smaller than the VLP-32 and VLP-64 and having new and advanced features. Vastly more cost-effective than similarly priced sensors, and developed with mass production in mind, it retains the key features of Velodyne’s breakthroughs in LiDAR: Real-time, 360°, 3D distance and calibrated reflectivity measurements.

Key Features:

Dual Returns

830 grams

16 Channels

100m Range

300,000 Points per Second

360° Horizontal FOV

± 15° Vertical FOV

Low Power Consumption

Protective Design


Puck Hi-Res™

Expanding on Velodyne LiDAR’s groundbreaking VLP-16 Puck, a 16-channel, real-time 3D LiDAR sensor that weighs just 830 grams, Puck Hi-Res is used in applications that require greater resolution in the captured 3D image. Puck Hi-Res retains the VLP-16 Puck’s 360° horizontal field-of-view (FoV) and 100-meter range, but delivers a 20° vertical FoV for a tighter channel distribution – 1.33° between channels instead of 2.00° – to deliver greater details in the 3D image at longer ranges. This will enable the host system to not only detect, but also better discern, objects at these greater distances.

Key Features:

  • ± 10° Vertical fov
  •  Dual returns
  •  16 Channels
  •  100 m Range
  •  300,000 Points per second
  •  360° Horizontal Fov
  •  Low power consumption
  •  Protective design
  •  Connectors: RJ45  /  M12


The HDL-32E LiDAR sensor is small, lightweight, ruggedly built and features up to 32 lasers across a 40° vertical field of view. The HDL-32E measures only 5.7″ high x 3.4″ in diameter, weighs less than two kilograms and was designed to exceed the demands of the most challenging real-world autonomous navigation, 3D mobile mapping and other LiDAR applications.

Key Features:

Dual Returns

± 2 cm accuracy

1kg (plus 0.3kg for cabeling)

32 Channels

80m-100m Range

700,000 Points per Second

360° Horizontal FOV

± 40° Vertical FOV

Low Power Consumption

Rugged Design



The HDL-64E LiDAR sensor is designed for obstacle detection and navigation of autonomous ground vehicles and marine vessels. Its durability, 360° field of view and very high data rate makes this sensor ideal for the most demanding perception applications as well as 3D mobile data collection and mapping applications. The HDL-64E’s innovative laser array enables navigation and mapping systems to observe more of their environment than any other LiDAR sensor.

Key Features:

64 Channels

120m range

1.3 Million Points per Second

360° Horizontal FOV

26.8° Vertical FOV

0.08° angular resolution (azimuth)

+/- 2cm accuracy

-0.4° Vertical Resolution

User selectable frame rate

Rugged Design